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of ambassador john christopher stevens. in the interest of time i won't read the entire congressional record but only an excerpt. it said mr. speaker, i rise with my colleagues to honor, celebrate and remember ambassador john christopher chris stevens. a son of northern california and the bay area, ambassador stevens tragically lost his life in the greatest service to his country. selflessly and courageously representing american values in a foreign nation he knew intimately and cared for deeply. in his diplomatic capacity, ambassador stevens brought a profound and prolific knowledge of arab world and middle east to his assignment. his exemplary gift for making personal connections was invaluable as his role as specific representative and ambassador to one of the most complex and challenging regions of the world. therefore as
for this opportunity my name is dated measuringcal and my husband john and i have the adjacent mabels to the east side. we just celebrated living in our home for 39 years that we moved in on november 11th 19 sny we take great pride and a lot of pride in our home in the past 39 years. we refer to the previous owners of 481 jersey street to expand the property and out after a lot of negotiations with them we came to an agreement with a -- on the top floor and that included a 15-foot set back from the front of our house to match our front light well. these out of town developers bought the house last hear year which included the same building permanent. had the very first meeting with them at monday necks house with them and their design showed no bedroom and from the firsthand and they disregarded to the envelope that we had previously greed to they said flat out that three berms was the model and not negotiablable to eliminate a bedroom we do not agree with that. in march 2012, we had another meeting with the same developers and we requested they match our side wells -- light wells in the front and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)